Fantastic Keno Games Online

At Jackpots In A Flash we offer every kind of casino game you can think of. Our games suit different people or different moods, and there’s a place at our casino for each and every one. Sometimes you’ll be in the mood for a long session of Blackjack or another card game, and others you’ll only have a few minutes and might want to spend them playing Casino Games.

That’s when Keno is perfect. Keno is also quick enough to be used as you warm up to, or cool down from, a major casino session involving all kinds of different games. We’ve got the best online and mobile versions of the game for you right here, and they’re waiting to be added to your casino line-up in whatever way works best for you.

Long and Proud History

Keno’s heritage is pretty impressive, and you might even say this game is very pedigreed. It goes back to 200 BC in China, when the legendary General Leung Cheung was looking for new ways to fund his battles. He designed a lottery-like game using the first 120 characters of the Thousand Characters classic poem, which is used to teach the traditional Chinese alphabet. Random characters were drawn from the pool of 120 to make up winning combinations, and it was a hit with players all over the country.

Players would bite their nails to the quick as they waited to find out if they’d won. The game was so successful that Leung Cheung was able to fund his battles, save the Han Dynasty and invest in a little side project called The Great Wall of China. Keno was brought to America by Chinese railway workers, where it developed into a game, and has since spread to online and offline casinos all around the world.

The Basics of Keno

Modern Keno casino games, like those at Jackpots In A Flash, have pools of 80 numbers rather than 120. Bright graphics immerse you in the games, and the simple design makes them very easy to follow. In real-life games they are physically drawn, and in our games they’re created with Random Number Generation. The winning numbers are displayed and your payout is paid according to how many of your numbers match the winning draws, and how much your bet was for.

Get Your Keno to Go

With its immediate results and rewards, Keno is perfect for gameplay on the go. You can play the Keno games at Jackpots in a Flash on your mobile device just as easily as you can play them on your desktop or laptop. Our casino games are adapted to work with the smaller processing powers and on the smaller screens of mobile units, so your gameplay is not compromised in any way. Just because you’re busy and running around, after all, doesn’t mean you deserve anything less than the best possible casino games. In fact, playing Keno on your smartphone or tablet is special in its own way because of the touchscreens that are used with these devices. They make the action seem more involved and authentic than is possible with a mouse and a separate screen, which is great for all casino games but especially so with something such as Keno. You’ll see what we mean when you start playing yourself.

Advanced Keno Gameplay

The action and excitement in Keno is down to the fact that it’s a game of chance. There’s not really much you can do to influence what the winning numbers are, and there’s no skill you can develop to manipulate the game’s results. But there are a few things that will tip the odds a little more in your favour. First of all, make sure you always bet as much as you can. This means that if you are lucky enough to win a game of Keno you’ll win a decent amount. Having said that, make sure you stay sensible and manage your bankroll too. Keno moves so fast that it’s easy to lose track of what you’re spending; take care not to get into trouble with that. Consider managing this with a limit on how much you can spend, or even a separate account with a set amount of money in it, and remember to never chase your losses.

Win with Keno and Jackpots In A Flash

No matter how busy you are, take a few moments to enjoy some world-class Keno action with the casino games at Jackpots In A Flash today. The potential rewards, and the thrills as you wait to see if you’ve won them, will make it more than worth your while! Register for an account, make your first deposit, claim your bonus, and get playing and winning. Whether on your laptop at home, your smartphone as you commute to work, your tablet as you wait in the boardroom for the next meeting to start or the desktop that you have in your office, you’ll enjoy the same world-class games on the same player account every time. Play and see whether you can pick the lucky numbers that get drawn!





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